Google Product: Google Mouth freshener

Did Google launch new product in India?

Google products include Mouth fresheners?

Does Google want to spread their market?


Free World Answers questions about google’s new product namely Google Mouth freshener


In the market while roaming through the busy streets of Hyderabad in a typical pan shop I found a product that amazed me for the whole day i.e Google Mouth Freshener. Copyrights or trademarks are not bothered in India this is a great example to it. Even a global Internet giant is being criticized although free world delivers products like movies and music for free, this article was written in astonishment.

Google has many offices in India especially Hyderabad, Mainly the Maps is handled in offices at Kondapur, Hitech city and even Testing of products such as Google Music.

Jobs in Google maps is a comman job for a Hyderabadi the recruitment’s are handled by companies called vendors namely




Google recruits freshers generally for its process called GT, GTL , ZAGAT and MM 

Article about Google jobs can be found in the Jobs category.

Getting back to our new product the google Mouth Freshener is being sold in open market although Google has clear TM trademark registry of its brand, now its time to see how google responds to its unknown partner the duplicate google.

The colors are very vibrant and the content of the pack also meets its standards of being a normal mouth freshener somp.

Does brands like HALLS and MINTO FRESH need to worry about this product



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  1. the product is super,i want to become distributor for google mouthfreshner in jagityal karimnagar district(a.p)so plz send me the contact number.

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